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  • Blood shot

    Hey everyone, I'm seeing the Optometrist in a few min. but you guys are my best resource for answers I can trust I've been wearing the new contacts for four weeks now, and I'm loving them I can't say my eyes are completely back to normal, (still can't cry a tear) but when they are in I drop so much less often, I was having to drop every 10-20 minutes all day long, especially at work. I'm noticing something now my eyes are very bloodshot, I notice it more when I don't have the contacts in, at first it was just my left eye, which has the toric (sp) its a bit harder to remove, so I thought that was it. I notice its really bad when I first wake up so sleeping is not recovering it. My eyes don't hurt, but now I'm worried that I won't be able to wear them. Do you all think that because I don't feel like I constantly have to put in drops, my eyes are super dry and getting red? I will let you all know what the Dr. says. I can't stand the idea of not being able to get through the grocery store with out putting in drops every few minutes.