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contact lenses dry eyes

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  • contact lenses dry eyes

    hey when i am wearing contact lenses the corners at the side of my nose get verry itchy my school starts in 4 days which contact lenses are good for drye eyes.
    i already tried acuvue moist 1 day

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    dry eye contacts

    I use the hydrogel day and night Air OPtix. You can wear them for 30 days. Fantastic. They have made this better for me.


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      hi thanks can you wear those 30 days without stopping that sound awesome


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        I have started with BCLs in October. Have severe dry eye and MGD, etc. Used day and night air optics for awhile. I liked them but had some issues so they switched me to Biofiinity which fits my eye better and its been great so far. I wear for 2 weeks at a stretch and just learned to change them myself. There can problems with lenses cracking due to the severe dry eye or debris can get under but if you change them out, you are good to go.