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Amniotic Graft and Contact Lens Bandage

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  • Amniotic Graft and Contact Lens Bandage

    Hi everyone. I'm a new member and have just been reading and learning. I have MGD and as a result have had some episodes of cornea damage. I have four punctal plugs installed. That helped greatly. Prior to the plugs I had some severe corneal erosion, which was treated effectively with amniotic tissue grafts. My doctor seems to be very knowledgeable and caring and does a good job of managing my condition.

    I've been doing pretty well, but went in yesterday for a checkup and my doc found a small eroded area on my cornea in my right eye, My doc applied a tissue amniotic tissue graft and a contact lens bandage. I've had this before for a more severe cornea problem. Is there anything I can do to make wearing this contact lens more comfortable? Drops? Hot or cold compresses? I've got to have it until this coming Tuesday, unless I just can't stand it any longer. I appreciate any suggestions or feedback.
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    I don't know anything about bandage lenses so I'm sorry if this advice isn't relevant to you. I do wear (for brief periods only due to corneal damage, multiple abrasions, and extreme dryness) rigid gas permeable lenses - and use lots of eyedrops when I'm wearing them. I put in around 6 drops a time - every 20-30 mins when in lenses. When they're out (which is most the time right now whilst things are bad, I use drops every hour). Preservative-free drops only. Without phosphates.

    During the dayI use Thealoz Duo drops, and also hycosan extra and hycosan plus (one of these is also known as hylocare).

    At night I use Xailin night or hycosan night. I put more in if I wake up during the night. Not sure if you need to use something different and/or avoid with bandage lenses. Sorry I don't know more.

    Also, when things are bad - and always when I have contacts in, I avoid screens - computer, phone for internet (I use it to make calls, texts but don't look at it for prolonged periods), avoid reading, even TV (I listen rather than watch) etc.

    I do hot compresses several times a day - but not when I'm wearing lenses. Guess you'd have to do it with yours in - but I don't know if that's advised with bandage lenses. Hopefully someone else will know more than me.

    Hope you manage to find a way to ease the pain - and make it until Tuesday.


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      Thanks CharlieGreenEyes. You've given me some ideas and perspective. I thought it was just me. I've been using Systaine Gell Drops in the eye with the lens bandage as needed. Blurs my vision but helps some. I'm a heavy computer user. I'll back off on my screen time.


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        Just an update. I have glasses that I wear when cycling that have foam rubber "eye cups" that seal the air around my eyes. Wearing those glasses has really given me some relief from the irritating symptoms .


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          Hi rbrown. Yes, definitely cut down on computer time, reading, and TV right now. Also, to make the bandage contact lens more comfortable until Tuesday when it's removed, you might try thinner drops like Genteal Tears preservative-free artificial tears vials which I find very soothing, or Purilens preservative-free saline. I don't know if you are in the U.S., but I know both are sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and the Genteal Tears is sold at most drug stores.

          That's great your cycling glasses help seal the air from your eyes. To help in the future managing your condition, there are also clear and tinted air shields/goggles available that seal out the air as well, which many people find helpful wearing both indoors and outdoors. Some favorites are WileyX, 7Eye, and Ziena:

          You might also benefit in the future from night wear like EyeSeals 4.0 or TranquilEyes, if you are not already using them:

          Have you ever considered scleral lenses? Not everyone can wear them, but if you can, these can provide some immediate relief and help control the corneal erosions. Sclerals have been used increasingly to help dry eye symptoms in recent years. They are nickel-sized dome-shaped lenses that vault over the cornea, so it can bathe the cornea in saline, like having eye drops on your eyes all day. The lens edges sit on the sclera/white part of the eye. Here's a good general description of Boston PROSE sclerals which I wear 12+ hours a day, but there are several different brands:

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