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  • Dry Eyes?

    About a year ago (near July), I started wearing Ortho-K contact lenses (lenses that you wear overnight and take off in the morning to improve your vision temporarily). During this time, my eyes were perfectly normal and white. However, 3-4 months in, I noticed a brown pigmentation appear. My optometrist dismissed this and noted that "it's always been there" (it only appeared after wearing the lenses). Trusting her (even though confused), I continued wearing the lenses. However, as time went on, small red veins would start to appear, and eventually, close to October, my eyes went very red, but my eyes felt normal. Unfortunately, even though the weeks went by, the redness only diminished slightly and there were veins remaining which weren't present before. Checking with the optometrist, she noted that my eyes were dry and once again noted that "the veins and dry eyes have always been there" when I asked her how and when my eyes became dry (noticing she didn't say anything about it before I started using Ortho-Ks). Strangely, my eyes still felt fine and she prescribed some eye drops and suggested to take fish oil capsules for Omega 3. After trying them and eventually discontinuing them, nothing changed at all, my eyes still felt fine and my eyes were still a little bit red.

    So I tried to see a GP instead, and I'm pretty sure he had no idea of what was going on, but he tried Chlorosil (for bacterial/viral conjunctivitis) and Patanol (allergic conjunctivitis) to treat it. I don't know why, but after using Patanol in the first week, my eyes immediately started getting less red. I tried it for a few more months, but the eyes didn't return back to their normal whiteness, though it became less red. I had stopped using the lenses during this time (still no differences were observed). However, checking with two opthalmologists afterwards, they both noted that I don't have allergic conjunctivitis (which Patanol is for), and my eyes aren't dry. Yet they don't know why my eyes are still a little red.

    Yesterday, I visited my optometrist again. Once again, she said my eyes were a little bit dry and I told her the doctors said my eyes weren't dry and there's sufficient tears. However, she said that it was the tear quality and not that there weren't enough tears (ie. my tears were more oily than watery). She suggests to use eye drops once everyday and drink lots of water.

    I'm mainly worried because the veins under my upper eyelid used to be really light, but got really red like a week ago. They returned to almost normal after a day or so, but I have a feeling the veins are a teensy bit redder than before; I'm not even sure because I'm so scared and I really don't want my eyes to get more red so it might just be in my head, but I'm 80% sure that they are a little redder than usual. I've also noted that my eyes are usually pretty red whenever I wake up, but they aren't so bad after half an hour or so.

    So my main dilemma is, what's going on? Should I try the eye drops again? I have trouble trusting her because of the contacts, and the disparity between her diagnosis and other doctors in relation to my "dry eyes" and how I feel about my eyes (they feel fine). Will doing this stop my redness (veins) from getting worse? At the end of the day, I just don't want my eyes getting more red.

    Any help would be really appreciated, thanks in advance x

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    Sorry to bump such an old thread, but have you recovered from this? If so it would be interesting to hear how.


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      No, I have not recovered from this. But at the same time, it hasn't gotten any redder. Yes, my eyes are still red when I wake up in the morning, but it dissipates to the point where it looks pretty white through the entire day. Nobody notices, and I barely notice anything much. My eyes still feel perfectly fine and not dry as well, contrary to what my optometrist thinks. I suppose at the end of the day, my eyes just never returned back to its original state (being very white, and never going red when I wake up) It's just puzzling because none of the doctors knows what happened, why it happened, and whether it really was because of the ortho-K's (I think it was, my brother had the same issue, but not as bad as me). But ever since I've stopped wearing them, there have been very few or no veins growing/appearing.

      I guess what I was most scared of was everyone going "your eyes are red", "you look tired", "are you stoned?" everyday of my life and it would just destroy my self-esteem. Luckily, my eyes are pretty fine, but every now and then, I might get the horrible feeling that perhaps a vein has grown by a tiny tiny millimetre, then the anxiety is just utterly crippling.

      I would love to hear how you deal with chronically red eyes when interacting with other people... it's so frightening to think of for me personally

      But for now, I'm pretty happy and content with my eyes !


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        Ortho K lenses

        Hi, there.

        Are you still doing the ortho K? Or did you stop the treatment? Has it ever been determined that the ortho K lenses caused your problems? I'm asking because my teen age son is currently wearing the ortho k lenses (4 months). I am concerned about side affects of the treatment that I may not be aware of . when I asked the optometrist, he said that there were none.
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          No I'm no longer doing the ortho-K. It was never determined whether it was the ortho K or not that caused the onset of growth in the number of red veins in my eyes. None of the doctors could figure it out. In all honesty, I'm pretty sure it was because of the ortho-K's, because these problems didn't occur until I started the ortho-K regime, and stopped getting worse when I discontinued wearing them. Also, my eyes honestly feel the same as it has all these years (which is, not dry, i.e. fine), so yeah I suspect it was the ortho-K's.

          The optometrist told me there weren't significant side effects, but I never knew chronically induced red veins/eyes were part of it! Neither did she (she still outright flatly refuses to acknowledge the ortho-K's were the problem or even understand how I feel about my eyes). I guess I was the only unfortunate person to contract this issue.

          I'm guessing if your son hasn't noticed any significant problems or development of veins in 4 months, he should be fine with using ortho-K's . Everybody's eyes are different.


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            Hi Jon.

            A bit of a bump to the thread. I have been using Ortho-K's for the last 4 years and my eyes have gradually gotten redder and redder. During the day, they're a pinkish colour, but after about 6pm, they get bloodshot red. There's no white left whatsoever. For some reason they get a lot worse at night time.

            I'm stopping the Ortho-K's now because I've tried every kind of eye drop and every kind of supplement but I'm seeing no improvements. My eyes are very slightly dry, but that doesn't bother me. It's the psychological effects that having red eyes has on you that is the biggest problem as I'm sure you're aware.

            Just wondering how you're getting on with your eyes these days?


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              Replied to you in your messages