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anyone try the new ciba lens?

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  • anyone try the new ciba lens?

    Hi, Just had my contact lens renewal appointment with my opth. and he mentioned a new daily contact coming out soon or maybe already here, call cibi daillies total1 he is excited for me to try them, he did say that they do not yet have a torque lens which I need for my left eye. he told me to call the end of summer and they will either be out or he will know when to expect them. I'm excited about this, I use oasis now and they do a pretty good job for me, but I do have irritation and at times my eyes are just so dry they dry out so bad. I have not been using a dallies, mainly the cost was an issue and it sounds like these will be pretty expensive, he figured about 60$ month. but if they are as wonderful as he thinks I would give up things just to have them. Would like to hear from any of you who are extremely dry like me, but use contacts for relief and has tried them.

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    I tried them (still have some samples) and I think I may have posted about them too. They didn't work for me - I couldn't wear them for more then 3 to 4 hours at the most and then after removal my eyes were very irritated. (My eyes are just too dry for any contacts.) I hope they work for you though - if you can wear Oasis now, then these will likely work for you too. GL!


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      I bought them when they were first released (about a year ago when I could still tolerate contact lens wear for several hours). They are definitely the most comfortable lens I have tried (and I had tried many up to that point including oasis, etc...). That said, I was still unable to wear them for longer than about 4 hours. I'll assume you're eye situation is better than mine though, and if so, then I would recommend them without hesitation. At $95-$100 (for a 90-pack via Amazon or Family Vision, etc...) they are not economical, but surely the best choice. I'm afraid I have no idea though about the torque availability.


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        Thank you for the info, I will definately try them when the torque lens is available. I have no idea why I can tolerated the contacts. Dont get me wrong I have really bad days when they are so irritated with or without the contacts. I actually have never worn contacts before the dry eye thing started, I have worn glasses for years, one time I had another corneal abrassion and the Doc put a bandaid contact in and I found that it really helped with the irritation. The Dr that I went to said it just sometime works this way. I know it's crazy because I know people who have normal eyes who say that the contacts dry out their eyes so bad they can't wear them. I have severe dry eyes and cant even produce tears when I cry. so it makes no sense. I will let you all know when I do get to try them. Thanks again for your help