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Bandage contact lenses

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  • Bandage contact lenses

    This is step two for treating my ABMD after lacrilube/drops/taping eyes down have proved ineffectual.

    Lenses went in today and I have an appointment in 3 weeks to see how I'm getting on - are they going to just ask me 'have you had an erosion or not?' to judge whether they are working?

    They said it takes about 9 months for cornea to settle and heal properly - but another ophtamologist then said she has some patients who use them all the time to manage the condition. Hmmm. She scared me about infections and said that I can't allow tap water anywhere near my eye - that could make life slightly difficult!

    I really wish I had someone to come with me on these hospital appointments, it's hard to remember all the questions I'm supposed to ask. I have a bad habit of just nodding and saying 'okay' and not thinking as logically as I should.

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    If I was in London, I would go to your appointments and help you remember all those questions. It's tough.