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1-Day Acuvue TruEye contact lenses

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  • 1-Day Acuvue TruEye contact lenses

    Hi all,

    My eye doc says that 1-Day Acuvue TruEye contact lenses would be of benefit to me.

    "World's first silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lens".

    Anyone with dry eyes tried them. I'm thinking of giving them a go.

    My only possible issue is to do with my prescription.........not that I can't get them, more to do with the fact that when I wear glasses I sometimes have to take them off if I need to look really close at something, i.e. very, very small print. I remember when I had contact lens years ago that the near vision with contacts was a lot worse than it is with normal specs. Is this still the case, or was it just those lens I had 15 years ago?
    I know an can always just wear reading glasses anyways.



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    My local optician offered me a free trial of 10 pairs of these lens (with my prescription).

    Looking forward to trying them....5th Sept.



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      I always hear great things of this brand. Let us know how it goes.
      just keep swimming...


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        Hi all,

        Day 1 of trial contacts......

        The optician tested my vision, did a fluro die test to snapshot any corneal issues and went through the normal contact lens care thing.

        I asked her if she knew why I I requested these particular contacts and she said "no" I then told her all about my dry eyes, and surprisingly she knew somewhat more than I though about the subject. We talked about Bleph,lacrimal gland dysfunction etc.
        I told her that my dry eye doc had said these lens would act like an eye bandage, and her response backed this up mentioning that these new lens don't absorb tears like normal I was well pleased to be there! Mmmmm, I like moving forward in the dry eye world!

        For the record, this appointment was at 9:30am, so I'd been up a couple of hours, my eyes were well rested overnight and I hadn't applied any morning eye drops (did this on purpose). My left eye was a bit weepy and on the verge of inflamation (due to being fully plugged), my right eye was normal verging on starting to dry out a bit.

        On fitting, my eyes stung a bit.....I put that down to the fluro die and lens solution mix. After a while it all settled down.

        The thing with these lens is that they are apparently a bit thicker than normal lens, she said that was due to the new material they are made from. She said some people feel the lens on their bottom eyelid, however, I didn't feel a thing. As far as I was concerned the lens wasn't there. I also mentioned that us dry eyes folks are well used to that gritty feeling anyway!

        So, I walked out of the opticians with them fitted. I was told to wear them for 2-3 hours and no more......I've to build them up over the next few days.
        I walked around, took the dog for a walk etc., before returning home and sitting at the PC for about 30mins before removing them.

        Monday at work will be the killer test.......that'll be 5-6 hours in front of the PC.

        45pm approx.



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          Hi IanJ,
          Great to hear that you're trying out contacts and thanks for informing out about new contacts that we may possibly someday use! Fingers crossed =)

          Keep us posted on this...

          Also, what is causing your dry eye?


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            They are only available in sphere powers from +6.00 D to -6.00D. At -7.50D, I'm out of range.



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              Today wore them for about 5 hrs......and was completely fine including 2 hrs sat indoors.

              My dry eyes is complicated.........the nuts and bolts of which are blepharitis in both eyes and a lacrimal defficiency in my right eye only. It's the double combination that makes my right eye a real nightmare. It gets sore to the point the whole side of my face aches. Usually when sat in front of the PC in a real dry atmosphere.

              I think I read somewhere that they have plans to extend the prescription at some point.
              I am -2.00D.

              Tomorrow (Monday) will be the real test at work.



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                I wonder are these available in Ireland?


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                  great stuff Ian - keep the updates coming - v interesting
                  The magic gloop IS out there somewhere - right?


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                    I'm excited to hear how your eyes are doing with the contacts! Keep us updated. I'm thinking of trying these for special occasions, not work as I'm in front of a computer for a minimum of nine hours a day during the week.



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                      Originally posted by Judy View Post
                      I'm excited to hear how your eyes are doing with the contacts! Keep us updated. I'm thinking of trying these for special occasions, not work as I'm in front of a computer for a minimum of nine hours a day during the week.
                      Did per chance I just have a good day today?....or are the lens really helping me?.......hard to tell, but some 11 hrs after putting them in this morning I'm still wearing them as I type! Supposed to be only 6hrs today (meant to build up to it) but I wasn't coming off a good thing.

                      Btw, I sat in front of a PC all day today at work, some 8hrs on & off as usual. Here's some things I noticed:-

                      1. Still needed to put in eye-drops two or three times today, but just for my right's lacrimal gland defficient so does need a top-up every now and then. However, I do notice that on application it takes a while to get my vision seems the drops on the lens take a wee while to clear properly compared to direct on the cornea.

                      2. Some slight right eye pain, but nothing like I usually get. I did notice that my right eye wasn't as photophobic as usual. I usually grimace a lot when something bright (or white)pops up on the screen, but today it wasn't near as bad.

                      3. Did get some small stinging at one or two points throughout the day, but I felt it was definitely coming from the towards the edges of my eyes,and NOT from the centre where the lens sat. I looked in a mirros and my eyes were red a bit.....but towards and underneath the lens it was definitely white. The lens is a bout 1mm bigger than the blue part of my eye so I could see the whiteness under it. Some drops helped.

                      4. The drive home is always a tester. My eyes are usually "knackered"so end up yawning like hell whilst sat in traffiv having to wet them up to get rid of the grittyness/pain.Not so today. A couple of yawns as I set off got me all the way home.

                      5. On arriving home wife reckons the white's of my eyes are white and not pink/red as is normal after a days work.

                      6. At only a -2.00D I shouldn't need reading glasses, but I found I do. To be fair I notice this with my glasses on, it seems that eye drops, or overly watery eyes seems to affect vision. My theory is that the tears don't sit even across the eye, probably less at the centre. I thought this might NOT happen with lens, but apparently it does. Maybe my theory is way off, but I notice that when my eyes are having a VERY good day that my nearsight is better. I had bought a pair of 1.00 reading glasses, but I think it'stoo much.Reckon I need 0.5 or 0.75. However the 1.00's got me out of a hole when I needed to read very small print.

                      Am I jumping to conclusions?.......we'll see.....tomorrow is another day. Hopefully somebody else can try these lens in order to compare. However, as per my eye doc "these lens will act like a bandage, they are very suitable for those with dry eyes".

                      Last edited by IanJ; 08-Sep-2008, 10:20.


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                        Wow, Ian. Things are certainly sounding pretty darn good! I googled for these contacts and found out they have not been released yet to the United States but are supposed to be sometime this fall. I will be on the lookout and will be looking for your next update. Wow, white eyes, how cool is that? I've only worn contacts twice in the last two years; once for a few hours on a cruise at a nice dinner and once to a Christmas party here in Melbourne FL for about four hours. OUCH. Very red eyes during and afterwards, both times. So this is sounding very interesting. Hope you have taken your contacts out and are giving your eyes a rest!


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                          Another great day today!

                          My eyes got a little red around the peripheral of the whites at one point today, but were whiter towards the middle. I put in some eye drops and it eased off. It was stuffier at work today and about 1.5 deg warmer than yesterday, however my eyes coped really well. By 4:30pm and time to go home my eyes were feeling quite fresh.
                          It was pouring with rain driving home and the windscreen began to steam up......and usually I dread putting on the vent heater in the car to clear it, but today I didn't feel much at all in my eyes.

                          My right eye got a little blurred on & off today, and that's usually due to the tear film being inconsistent across the eye.....and I get a lot of stinging and pain with it. However, today there was virtually no stinging and no pain. I put this down to the inconsistent tear film as normal but across the top of the lens and under which the cornea is well wetted and protected....thus no real pain.

                          I'm nearly 11hrs in today so far but will be keeping them in until bedtime.

                          I haven't felt this good about my eyes in over 3 years. At times it's almost like being normal again!

                          However, tomorrow is another day.......we'll see what happens.


                          Took my lens out at 9pm.......whoa!, it hit very dry eyes. Not sure why?
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                            So glad to hear this, Ian. Sounds like you are truly giving your eyes a test with the amount of time you are using these contacts! Oops, I just read your PS...


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                              Maybe your are leaving the contacts in too long. Sometimes contacts can act like a bandage and its when you take them out thats when the pain and dryness hits.