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New Safegel Contact Lenses ?

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  • New Safegel Contact Lenses ?

    Has anyone heard of these ? First contact lenses to be made out of hyaluronate gel ...

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    Thanks for the link

    Although I no longer wear contacts, I'm always interested in new technology---and these sounds really new. I wonder how they would feel if you have dry eyes.



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      I would love to wear contact lenses again one day. I hope these are groundbreaking. Thanks for sharing:-)


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        I've ordered these contact lenses today. I don't think that these lenses will bring a great relieve to my dry eyes but they are worth to try. Perhaps I can wear them for 1-2 hours a day (when I go to Badminton), these would be enough for me.
        I'll post here when I got them. But I think during the christmas days it will take some time until they will be delivered.
        Please don't hesitate to correct my English - I'm still learning


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          Safegel is a step in right direction. I have tried them and they are better than other ordinary soft contact lens. Acuvue Moist and Sagegel are the only contact lenses i can wear, often not more than 4-5 hours. The difference between the two is that safegel gives me a little better vision (why, i dont know?).


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            Not heard of them but sounds interesting. Wat are there advantages ? :O


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              This product is made with sodium hyaluronate that leeches out with each blink. The molecular structure holds 3000 times its weight in water. This creates a thick tear film on both sides of the lens theoretically.