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Silicon hydrogel contact lenses as bandage?

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  • Silicon hydrogel contact lenses as bandage?

    I read somewhere of silicon hydrogel contacts being used as a bandage for dry eye? Does anyone on here use them or heard of them before?

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    I've heard of them. They're a newer material used for soft contacts that was developed to provide greater oxygen permeability. Insufficient oxygen to the cornea in other materials was a major downside to contact lens wearers in the past, as it caused corneal edema (swelling) and wasn't healthy. That's why they can be used as a "bandage"---protecting the cornea after abrasion.

    The big motivation for contact lens designers was to make a lens that you could sleep in---this advantage would help the product compete with the Lasik industry, and would provide people with care-free vision correction.

    The first designs of sil-hydrogel had the problem of not being very "wettable." They had to be specially coated with another hydrophilic material so they would be comfortable enough to wear. They tend to have "friction" and some people just cannot wear them (like me). Another drawback was that they tended to get dirty (saturated with debris) quickly and had to be thrown away more often.

    New designs/materials come out every year, though, and the product is getting better all the time.

    They are used as a temporary bandage in cases of dry eye when the cornea is damaged---until it heals---not as a treatment for the dryness.



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      OK. so they don't actually help w/ the dryness. I have sjogrens and i was reading about them and got my hopes up.. so basically i most likely wouldn't be able to tolerate them in my eyes right? I tried sclerals in one fitting and couldn't stand the feeling.. as my eyes are so sensitive-the lids are super sensitive. any input i appreciate..
      thanks cali


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        I have Sjogren's, too. And I've had to give up contacts (only in November of 2007--hasn't been that long). I try to keep up to date--learning about the new lenses varieties. My hope is to occasionally wear the daily disposables. You might try the silicon hydrogels, and see what you think. You really can't tell unless you try. I was always good for the 1st day only; after that it was "crash and burn."

        My problem is that the new designs are usually manufactured up to -6.00 D---there isn't so much demand for higher powers until a lens variety is established and selling well. I need at least a -6.50 or -7.00, and even then, the lenses don't correct my astigmatism. They only come in .50 D increments after -6.00 instead of .25 D increments (which I need). I'm in between powers. So really, I have to compromise my acuity when I wear contacts. But it's so good to get that full visual field---so liberating---I miss it.

        My eyes reacted to contacts by producing all sorts of debris and crud, and I don't miss that. Still---one can dream.



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          The term "bandage" contact lens is used when a "free" trial contact lens is used on an eye injury that would normally have used a collagen shield for wound healing purposes. These are used to keep the lids from rubbing over the wound and irritating it and to help keep the patient as comfortable as possible.


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            Hi Calli,
            I've orderd these lenses today. They are available until - 16 dioptries.
            But I'm from Germany, I don't know if you can get them in your country too. Here is the website:

            Please don't hesitate to correct my English - I'm still learning


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              Hi again,
              my lenses were delivered today.
              But I think these are just soft lenses. Nothing more.
              I'll give them another chance tomorrow because today I've spent 12 hours in front of a computer screen so my eyes are worst anyway.
              I'll let you know how they work!
              Please don't hesitate to correct my English - I'm still learning


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                I'm getting some of these on trial too, my new optician found a supplier that does up to even high myopia in monthly lenses. Never had monthlies before! I can only wear lenses for a couple of hours infrequently but I usually have a pair in case - i.e. sport/outdoors...because i have such a problem with light then sometimes I need them with sunglasses where my specs and sunglass covers aren't enough.
                just keep swimming...


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                  Hi! Its great that you'll get these lenses too. I'm curios how they'll work for you.
                  I didn't dare to wear my lenses today because my eyes are in a very bad condition at the moment. I think I've overacted the computer work yesterday.
                  Have you tried some sports sun glasses yet? I got some really good fitovers which seal perfectly against sun and wind. I have 8.0 dioptries and I'm very happy with them. It's more comfortable to wear these fitovers than wearling contacts -especially when I'm doing long time outdoor sports like hiking oder cycling.
                  Please don't hesitate to correct my English - I'm still learning