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Diamond Burr Procedure

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  • Diamond Burr Procedure

    Has anyone here had the Diamond Burr procedure for reoccurring corneal abrasion? 16 years after a car accident that screwed up my right eye I'm thinking of having this done and would like to hear from others that have had this done.



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    Well, I had it done on my right eye Friday. I can already see MUCH better. No pain at all when they did it, and the worst pain was a couple of hours last nite. Took 4 pain pills all told. Go back Tuesday to get the contact bandage off. I'll probably let them do my other eye. Only took about 5 minutes....took longer to prep me.


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      Morning of day six since surgery update. I got ahead of myself on the vision thing. I could see so good because there wasn't a cornea in the way to see thru. Got the bandage contact off Tuesday and vision was pretty bad...kind of like looking thru a windshield that had ice on it. It has gotten a little better each day. I still have hope this will do me some good.


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        Here it is almost four months since I had the diamond burr procedure and I'm on day five of wearing contacts! The vision in my eye they did is like an eagle now. I can't believe the difference. Sadly, glasses will never be as good as contacts for me since the contacts refract the light like glasses can't. Each day gets a little easier wearing them. They are gas permeable, not soft lenses.

        They had to do the diamond burr first to get my cornea in shape to be able to take a contact.