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    So happy to hear he was able to fit and retain an IOL. Dearly hope you are comfortable. Just wondering what steroid he is maintaining the eye surface with? LM and I are so very happy for you and send you lots of love.
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      thank you
      There are no steroids presctibed yet!
      My current regim is
      3x vigamox
      2x pantanil(cant spell it properly..its diluting drops which keeps my pupil not able to focus at all.)
      4x genteal eye drops
      1x cyclosporine.

      I think they will start fml next week or so.
      Having an appointment on monday for post op check ups.
      I have a ;ost of things to discuss but cant due to dilated pupil..not able to read at all..will post later
      Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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        post 1 week surgery had a follow up check up on monday.
        The test consisted of vision test and pressure check.
        I could read 3 lines on standard vision chart.Third line seemed hard to read.
        The pressure was normal.

        They advised to continue pentolate medicine for another 1 week twice a day.Next monday they will taper it down to once per day for next 1 week.after stopping the pentolate i will get to know exactly how much vision and other improvements i get.pentolate stops eye from still cannot read much.

        the night vision has improved.also the depth and colours are clearly visible now.which i could not before.i had Alcon Restore monofocal iol implanted.

        they still didnt prescribe any steroid contrl drops.the medication is as it is.

        One point i would like to make is...i doubt i have keratoconus in my operated eye.I will have a detailed discussion about it in new thread.I need advise for modertors on some points.While taking corneal measurement, the doctor could not take measurements easily as eyes were getting dry within secords.Also another problem they faced was...everytime measurement was differing from previous figures.I heard them saying...sometimes measurement comes to 52-53 sometimes 48 or so...i dnt knw much about this but i think i have keratoconus as the size of cornea keeps varying.Right now im not thinking much about it as i want to concentrate on healing of the eye.

        Hope for the best outcome
        Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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          Thanks for the diligent and detailed update Hiren! Glad to know you are doing well post-op and wish you continued improvement!


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            thanx shanku

            Well now im on taper off mode for pentolate eye drops.So i can read things better now.But still vision gets blurred again and again due to dilated pupil.
            Im experiecing frequent vision differences due to all the factors pentolate, dry eyes, and eyes getting used to the new lense etc.

            I will be off from pentolate this weekend.However i am and will be continuing vigamox antibiotic drops 3 times a day for some more time.

            Im amazed not to be on fml/loteflam type steroid drops after surgery.My local eye doc saw me last week and he said he will prefer to start fml soon.But the doc who operated me, didnt put me on steroids and said cyclosporine drops is sufficient to lower the inflamation if any occurs.
            Im following surgeons advise and not using steroid drops.

            It will be another few weeks to get final outcome of the surgery in terms of vision.I shall need -4 / -5 glasses after surgery as the IOL was only available upto -5 range.

            I will consider BSL after 2 months or so.will have a trial and see how it feels.
            Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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              Hiren ~ This is great news, so happy for you. Are you using a tear substitute drop to keep the eye surface moist? (we are mostly using medical saline vials these days unless she feels the need of something more viscous)
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                Yes i have been using genteal eye drops...more frequently than what i used to do before surgery.about 4times d day.
                Doctor had told me due to pentolate and antibiotic eye drops i will feel more dryness than before for time being which should relieve after stopping the medication.
                So i need tear substitute frequently.

                Also my cornea is sutured after surgical incision.The suture is non soluble.They may remove it after a month or so.Or may leave it if it does not create any problem for me.The cornea was healed properly on 1st day post operative.So not much to worry.

                Also taking dietary supplements like multivitamin,fish oils, vitamin A and eating more fruits etc.

                Also giving importance to eye lid care on advise of abbygirl here on this forum.
                Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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                  Hello all,
                  Im recovering!
                  Today went to local ohto doc as i did not get appointment of Dr.Vasavada for next week.I will visit him on 2nd april.

                  My local optho suggested me to start loteflam/fml now for a few weeks.So i m starting it from today.
                  Also tapering off Pantolate , will instill on alternate days for 1 more week.then off from it.

                  Had vision current vision is 20/70 and with a device with very small hole my vision was upto 20/50.So i will be able to get 20/50 with glasses/lenses for sure.Not bad...

                  Before surgery could not read even 1st line on vision actuity test board.

                  Doctor told me im having congestion on cornea due to sutures right near the sutures place.So he advised to get it removed at Dr.Vasavadas clinic when we meet him.
                  Otherwise all seems okay...My new schedule will be
                  3x genteal
                  2x vigamox
                  Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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                    Hi Hirentherock,

                    Hope you are recovering well and that you feel better soon and we all wish you good eye health!


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                      HI all,
                      Its been more than 3 weeks since the date of surgery.The eye is getting whiter now.

                      The positive changes i m seeing are
                      Better night vision(if i compare to the vision prior to the surgery i wonder why did i take so long to decide for this surgery!)
                      Over all vision and sharpness has improved a lot.Im seeing most of the things much better compared to what i was seeing earlier.
                      Distance vision has improved.That is helping me in 2 wheeler driving.

                      Having an appointment on monday with dr.vasavada.He would be seeing me 1st time after the surgery.

                      Lets hope for best
                      Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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                        Hi all,
                        I had a follow up check up with the surgeon yesterday.
                        Things seems to be okay.
                        Suture was removed yesterday as everything looks fine at present.
                        Retina checkup was also okay.Before surgery they found my myopic numbers to be around -16, and after putting iol of -5, now my eyes additional power needed is -3 for far and +4.5 for reading.which gives me the vision of 6/24.

                        Vision test was performed where i could read 4 lines.means 6/24 was the vision acuity.
                        There will be some changes in vision after suture removal so still no final glasses prescribed.

                        Surgery front, everything is and done.However will have to keep checking retina every 1/2 months for next 6 months and then every 6 months.

                        Overall im happy with it.6/60 to 6/24 is a wonderful journey.I will post my final prescription in a couple of weeks time.
                        Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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                 In case anyone's looking at IOL in difficult cases with damage, there's a possibility of a glued intra-ocular lens technique.
                          Paediatric ocular rosacea ~ primum non nocere