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Amniotic membrane transplantation

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    re: membrane surgery results

    Hi Kim,

    I was wondering - I'm going to get the surgery for my chalasis with Dr. Tseng shortly - and he mentioned that he would be able to hook me up with autologous serum drops to use after the surgery. I don't know if they would help, but I think they may help with the healing somehow.

    there are posts on this board of people that have used them - though not post-surgery



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      Conjuctivochalasis Sufferer

      This is to: Detiny, Deliah, Scott124, Joey & Khasler, and all who have had the AMT surgry....

      I have been dealing with this same ailment now for 4 years!!! I see a Corneologist here in Brandon, FL (Dr. Fouraker) who says my Conjuctivochalsis is THE WORST he's ever seen and feels the surgery is a very real solution for me (he would perform it), but I am VERY fearful. This website has been the biggest blessing to me as I have virually been ALONE in this for 4 yrs. Everyone (family/friends) has been caring, but no one truly understands!

      However, now that it is Nov 08 - can you each post your post-op condition at present?

      I currently have CIGNA and have read that they will NOT cover it -- if that is the case, I would be devastated because I'm almost out of my mind with discomfort and pain and drops all day long messing w/my makeup-ugh! Plus, I had to quit my job 2 months after this hit me (july 04) and haven't worked since!

      I am hoping to find someone who has had Dr. Bradley Fouraker perform the surgery here in Brandon FL (just outside of Tampa)....if you know of anyone, please tell them to contact me at

      Bless you all for your input and candid and honest information! I literally cried when I found this website!!