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Chalazions - help!

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  • Chalazions - help!

    First, thanks for such a wonderful and helpful website!

    Has anyone had success getting rid of chalazions without surgery? I've had a few of these that always had to be removed surgically, but am wary of doing more surgery as my Meibomian glands may get too screwed up with repeated incisions.
    I caught this one fairly early on, and the ophthalmologist has me on a 10-day regimen of steroid/antibiotic drops. Also, have started minocycline, more to prevent further chalazions.

    The chalazion has a head and is draining but has been doing this for several days (I’m about 6 days into the medication). It appears to be shrinking, but there is still a "lump". Just curious how long these might take to drain on their own? Trying to be patient…

    Thanks for any insight/encouragement you can provide!