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Dry eye digest June 12th 2012

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  • Dry eye digest June 12th 2012

    Rebecca has posted a study about new laser eye surgery and how it is not always the best option. I had lasik surgery in 1999 and have had good results and am happy with my vision thankfully. The thing is that every year I hear about the NEW and IMPROVED lasik procedure that is the greatest technology and far better then last years lasik. So I asked my eye doctor about these new procedures and he told me that lasik in the mid to late ninties was a great advancement from PRK and had a good safety record. The problem is that everything as with any product sells better when you can say that this is the "NEW and IMPROVED" version of the original.. He gave an example of the microkeratome being a better choice then the all laser lasik because there is alot less suction on the eye and it takes twice as long causing more nerve damage. He will not do all laser lasik and said he is fine with not doing the surgery just because the patient want's it because of the advertisment they have seen. He also said that most of the new technology is just PRK with a nice "WOW that sounds easy" name. He used the example of the new coke and coke classic as an analogy. Just because it says new and improved it does not mean that it is better... Read Dry Eye Digest for more info and studies..