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All about DCR surgery

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  • All about DCR surgery

    For those who have punctal plugs migrate to the tear sac, you may have been recommended DCR surgery to remove it. My website is here to give you the truth about DCR surgery and expose the complications your surgeon will not tell you, including DRY EYE.

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    Thank you for posting this, I realize that most on here may not have had this procedure that we have had, I regret it so much now too, my dry eyes took a long time to develop after the surgery, I think my eyes were just getting drier and finally couldn't keep up with it, I had mucous strands in my eyes for about a year before they quit producing tears, I didn't know that it meant anything and was just a nuisance to me, I had complete punctal stenosis and the surgeon even after the surgery said he had no Idea what caused it, and that it was unusual, my tearing was very bad at the time, but I waited a long time before the surgery, he tried a snip procedure first which didn't work at all, he said I was closed all the way down. He never explained the bone removal, and I never knew that I had it?? I still don't really know, I was put out and had the flexible stents that went from my upper to lower punctums, now on my lowers I have a slit, I learned more about it from the web site than I knew. I do not have the air coming out when I talk or blow my nose, and the corneal specialist said my right one was closed up again. but my right eye is still dry...No tears. I'm so sad that I did something than caused this without knowing the misery of dry eyes, now that I can't even cry, I'd go back to the tears running all the time, at least I didn't hurt all the time. I wear contacts now to protect and they help so much, but I still have to put in drops a lot. I've never heard of punctal plugs having to be removed by DCR they have placed plugs in mine, could this happen? That is really scary. Do you have plugs?


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      Hi Mawsky, surgeons tend to overuse DCR in my opinion. However, there are situations where it's warranted.
      I too would prefer my watery eye back than put up with dry eyes. In terms of the plugs, only the intracanicular plugs can migrate into the tear sac. The external plugs with caps that sit on the end of the puncta and protrude out slightly tend to stay where they are, at worst, they fall out. So it depends what type of plugs you have. I only get DuraPlugs inserted monthly, they are dissolvable plugs. I'm not getting any relief at all from them but was told they take a few months to work.

      Feel free to make a comment on my site. The more that support the fact that DCR made things worse, the better.