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Lasik Flap Amputation

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  • Lasik Flap Amputation

    I recently met a new eye doctor who did Lasik too but offer Sclerals lenses too.. Good combination for sure.

    I told him about my daily pain and when he looked at my eyes , he said they didnot look so dry but admitted that it was dryness. After all , one who take in consideration more the symptoms than signs.

    I told him about my idea to amputate my lasik flaps, it will be like a PRK , no? I read a lot of articles where lasik flap amputation occur and apparently the visual acuity is not lost , sometimes yes ( 20/80) but sometimes not (20/25 vision).

    What do you think about possible flap amputation? Do you think its a stupid idea or risky idea? When the flap is amputed , a new epithelium heal with new nerves i presume? Its not about the nerves being cut now.

    Moreoever we lost a structure membrane of the cornea , the bowman interface , this structure is important for the eyes?

    If you have any information about this lasik flap amputation , plz tell me more. It will be my last resort , and i think im in pain because my flaps are decentered so it could be the right solutions for me.

    Thank you.