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Anyone used an annemonic membrane after LASIK?

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  • Anyone used an annemonic membrane after LASIK?

    Has anyone had experience of using an annemonic membrane to improve their dry eye after LASIK?

    Struggling with dry eyes, with no sign of things improving.

    Heard they help heal the eye and hopefully promote the regrowth of the corneal nerves, which have been butchered by the flap creation.

    The other option would be serum drops but they aren't readily available in the UK.

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    I've done AMT (but I never did LASIK). I am doing it to heal my nerves as well. I am 1 month postop, I have some very minor improvements thus far (clinical and symptom). There's really no downside to AMT except for cost, it is 1.5k CAD per eye in Canada.