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Dry eye after cataract surgery and/or other lens implants?

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  • Dry eye after cataract surgery and/or other lens implants?

    Posting this on behalf of Rita - Can anyone here common on their experience with dry eye after cataract or other lens implant surgery?
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation

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    I had cataract surgery both eyes 3 years ago, a laser was used to pulverise the lense before removal and a plastic lense implanted. My dry eye and posteria MGD began withing days of the surgery. Never had problems before. I am now under the Hospital Eye Clinic. They insist that the dry eye is nothing to do with the surgery but cannot explain why it began at the same time. I have had gland expression, but they completely block again within days. The dry eye is so severe I apply drops about every hour. I have had plugs, but they caused an infection. I am now waiting for further laser surgery as I have developed PCO in one eye as a result of the lense implant. I use Systane UD, Systane Ultra & Lubristil Gel drops, and use an MGD eyebag. I have tried Doxy tablets and Anthramycin, oral and drops. I am currently using steroid drops after having the plugs removed. Speaking to people at the eye clinic, I am not alone with my experiences after surgery.


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      I am new at this and vision not too good since I also had retina surgery on first eye that was done and now having ipl treatments. Can you pm me as I found something interesting and would like you to check it and let me know your opinion before I post it