Preliminary notice from 'My Beautiful Eyes' Campaign for meeting at Houses of Parliament, London, on 14 October 2015 @ 4.00 - 6.00pm in Committee Room 10. "The lobby is being sponsored by John McDonnell MP, and we [My Beautiful Eyes campaign] invite you to join us. Press and TV will be there - as will your MPs once you tell them about it - and lawyers, and other interested parties! Damaged patients are joining us from Scotland, Ireland and overseas...

Write to your MP and tell them you want them there - if not, why not? It's their job to listen your concerns and represent you, regardless of whether you voted for them. They’ll be delighted that you’ve taken the time to visit the House of Commons and lobby Parliament. This is also a great chance to see the inside of Westminster Palace, a truly stunning building!

The meeting will start at 4.00pm, but please allow up to 45 minutes to clear House of Commons security, as there's usually a queue.

We really hope you can join us. I’ll [] be posting more details in due course, meanwhile, this is to give you plenty of time to buy a cheap day travel ticket, book the afternoon off work, contact your MP… I’ve worked very hard to get this far, but I can't do it alone!

Please contact me to confirm you'll be attending: No excuses people - I need you to be there!"