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Dry eye guy facing cataract surgery

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  • Dry eye guy facing cataract surgery

    I am a long time dry eye sufferer who, for the most part has the disease under control with restasis and hot compresses for my blepharitis. I have cataracts and need the surgery if i want to be able to drive at night.
    I have chosen multifocal lenses. Has anyone with dry eye had their cataracts removed and lenses implanted?
    What can i expect?

    65yr.old male, Arizona resident.

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    I have not had this done yet, but will need to have implants in the future. I asked two eye doctors if the surgery would cause my eyes to be dryer, and they both said probably not. One added that because I would be able to see much better than now, eye strain would be reduced and my eyes might actually feel better. Sending good wishes. Please let us know how things go.


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      Thank you for the input. My surgeon told me that my blepharitis would probably get better in the short run from the antibiotics taken pre and post surgery then there is a boomerang effect after stopping the anibiotics. I can deal with that. I have had the dry eye under control for about a year. I just don't want to regress after this proceedure!
      65yr.old male, Arizona resident.


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        i had cataract surgery.i have severe effects of steven johnson syndrome hit me in 1990.
        My corneas were compromised..i have very irregular shaped cornea with keratoconus.
        also i suffered from ocular surface disorders. i.e. mostly red eyes.
        It was a risky surgery for me.Doctors told the base on which the new lense will be kept, that base may not hold the lense and multifocal lense shud be avoided in such severe i had to go with monofocal lense.also i was at the risk of not having lense implant, as during the surgery doctors were to check the integrity of base.But luckily i got it implanted.
        I had google about cataract in compromised cornea.I had found that having
        1-Doxycycline orally
        2-Flaxseed or other omega suppliment
        would help the healing post operatively.Starting these regime a week before the surgery would help.
        DDY mate
        As u have only the dry eye problem, i think it it should go well.
        all d best!
        Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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          Please talk to your surgeon about how he does the operation - I have read some do it like LASIK, cutting a flap. If so, find someone else. Cutting a LASIK style flap may set off more dry eye and night vision problems.


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            Following cataract surgery, it's not unusual and even expected for the eyes to feel "dry". This is due to all the drops or gel (dilating drops, betadine antiseptic, anesthetic drops, etc) applied to the eye to prep it for cataract surgery. The scratchy, dry, or irritated sensation on the operated eye generally resolves after about 1-2 days as the corneal recovers from being splashed with so many different drops that do not have the same composition as natural tears. Unlike LASIK where there is almost a circumferential flap made on the cornea, most cataract incisions are much smaller, about 2.5-3.0 mm, and generally do not interfere with corneal innervation to any significant degree. Some patients elect to have incision on the cornea to help correct for astigmatism. These "astigmatic" incisions are place near the outer margins for the corneal and can be much longer than the cataract incision and can therefore have an increased risk for dry eye symptoms.
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