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salivery transplant for dry eyes: Miro center

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  • salivery transplant for dry eyes: Miro center

    hi ive read about this treatment before but i just found this place in belgium which does it:

    Has anyone had this surgery? any thoughts?

    miro center belgium:

    Dry eye treatment E-mail
    Severe dry eye is an important and common problem.
    Although many different types of artificial tears, gels and ointments are available, frequent eye drop instillations sometimes offer only temporary or partial relief of symptoms.
    Transplantation of labial salivary glands from the lower lip can be a more fundamental solution in cases that are resistant to other therapy. These glands are easily accessible, and their secretion product is very similar to natural tears.

    Of course surgery is not the treatment of first choice, even for patients with very dry eyes.

    I always use the same protocol :

    Therapy begins with artificial tears .
    - If results are insufficient, therapy is changed to administration of gel during the day and eventually ointment at night.
    - If this therapy does not give satisfactory results, I close the opening of the tear drain in the lower eyelid with special inserts called punctal plugs . These silicone plugs trap the tears on the eye, keeping it moist. This may be done on a temporary basis because the plugs can easily be taken out if needed. Additionally, the tear drain in the upper lid can be cut to further limit the evacuation of the tears.
    - If problems persist, surgery is proposed as possible therapy.


    Patients reporting dry mouth are excluded from surgery or asked to undergo a biopsy of the mucosa of the lower lip to evaluate the quality of the labial salivary glands
    All surgery is performed under general anesthesia; before making an appointment patients are checked by their physician to rule out any contraindication for the general anaesthesia.
    The mucosal graft with salivary glands is taken from the lower lip.
    This wound heals spontaneously and does not need to be sutured.
    The specimen is transplanted to the inner side of the upper and/or lower eyelid (fig.)
    For all surgery I use Radiosurgery because it has proven to result in less bleeding, faster recovery and only minimal damaging of the delicate glandular structures to be transplanted.
    The eye is patched and checked on days 2,5 and 7after surgery.
    The second week the eye is left without a bandage and the sutures are taken out after 2 weeks

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    hi i emailed them for some information. thought some people might be interested to know:

    Up to now 18 procedures have been done in my center.
    All patients improved but most of them still put drops "sometimes" = between
    3drops/week and (the worst case )1 drop every two to three hours
    (instead of a drop every hour before surgery)

    The transplantation has, in the first place, an effect on the
    quality of the tears, by making them more viscous.

    So in your case this could give a significant improvement.

    For forreign patients the cost of the surgery, including general
    anesthesia ,the stay in the hospital for one night and the
    ambulatory controls aftr surgery is 4000 Euro for one eye. Because
    the eye is patched for one week I prefer an interval of at least 6
    weeks between the surgery of the two eyes but if the patient prefers
    so, the cost for surgery of both eyes on the same day is 6000
    Due to the expense i may consider if all else fails.


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      a caution

      You need to be very sure that you don't have Sjogren's Syndrome before attempting this transplant. The glands he transplants are the ones affected along with the eyes in Sjogren's. And if you did have Sjogren's the glands he transplants would eventually quit. My personal opinion for what it's worth.



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        Im interested in this as well. i dont have dry mouth and i dont think i have sjordens, what signs would you need to have except dry eye which would point to sjordens? do you reckon the doc that does this would test you for sjordens?

        it does say Patients reporting dry mouth are excluded..
        I healed my dry eye with nutrition and detoxification. I'm now a Nutritional Therapist at: . Join my dry eye facebook group:


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          Sjogren's Syndrome

          Here is all the info about Sjogren's.