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Another Concjunctivochalasis Sufferer

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  • Another Concjunctivochalasis Sufferer

    Hi All -- I am yet another victim to his horrible condition -- 5 yrs. now. My condition is very very bad. I see Dr. Jeffrey Fouraker here in Brandon - just outside Tampa, FL. Having found this website a day ago, I am so encouraged. I have never found anyone else who has this issue, much less someone who has had the transplant surgery. I am really contemplating having this surgery but still am not sure - I'm afraid of coming out worse than I am now. Destiny, thank you for sharing all the details -- I am a detail person! May I ask where in Fla is this Dr. Tseng? I believe I've seen his name when Googling this condition. I am wondering there is anyone out there who sees Dr. Fouraker! And especially anyone who has had this surgery done by him. Destiny, now that is it are your eyes?? Thanks for all your input. Linda

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    Hi Linda and welcome,

    I used to live near you (in Apollo Beach). My doctor was a corneal specialist who practices in Ruskin and Bradenton named Richard Hector who is really wonderful... he volunteers for the Sjogrens Syndrome Foundation and is well loved by dry eye patients in the area... just thought I'd mention it. I miss him

    The thread you posted this in was quite old and Destiny has not visited in more than a year so I took the liberty of moving this to a fresh thread.

    Dr. Tseng is in Miami. His website is
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation