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Clinical trial nationwide: lifitegrast

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  • Clinical trial nationwide: lifitegrast

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      Hi Anne,
      Thank you for this . My question is, will this be something that will actually be helpful? I still can't figure out how restasis got approved as I find it minimally useful.


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        Just reading quickly this am- it seems that if lifitegrast trials are successful, the company anticipates bringing it to market in 2016. Yikes, I just don't think I can make it that long!


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          Who is near Mission Hills, CA? THIS GUY!

          Hopefully I can get in on this. Thank you for posting Anne!
          32/M ATD Getting better every day!


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            I looked into this & talked to a rep.

            • They have added more locations (check the site).

            • The trials have been highly successful.

            • The are doing phase four trials now, a three-month study of use accompanied by five doctor visits.

            • The lack of side effects & positive trials have the company expecting the drug to (hopefully) come to market in 2015.

            • Something I just remembered... the drug only takes 3-4 weeks to kick in, unlike the 3-6 months with Restasis.

            I would do it, but I would have to come off Restasis for six weeks and then start the drug. And since I am currently showing improvement, I don't wanna mess with what is working.

            Good luck to everyone else though.
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            32/M ATD Getting better every day!


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