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Oculeve Intranasal Tear Neurostimulator

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    I had RCE (which is terrifying for those who have had it) and PTK surgery to correct it for my left eye, have punctal plugs and use artificial tears and Restasis. While the horror of the RCE is over, thank goodness, I still have irritability and dryness which I must treat from time to time. At my last checkup my opthamologist recommended trying the True Tears device in his office (I asked: he is not personally invested in the company and also has dry eyes himself). I decided to try it and here is what I have learned.

    1. It is expensive. Cost me about $900, not including the tips, which are quite pricey and need to be replaced every other day (so they say, but it seems they work better if they are replaced daily).

    2. You are given a 30 day trial period to check out the product, money-back guarantee. HOWEVER, it takes quite some time to learn how to use the product effectively for yourself. Every one needs to find the right spot, how long, what strength the power should be on for the maximum tear production. 30 days is simply not enough time. So I swallowed the expense.

    3. The results are erratic. In the morning I have no problem generating a lot of tear flow. Towards evening, I get much less and have to supplement with artificial tears. It could be I am not drinking enough water, not sure.

    4. Your feedback to the company on their website will not get a response. I have spoken with representatives on their phone number and they have been more helpful but donít seem incredibly well-informed. They are scripted, and not eye specialists or health care professionals.

    5. When you purchase TrueTear, you are effectively beta-testing the product for Allergan. I know theyíve done studies but anyone who has any experience with analysis of these kind of published trial results knows that their conclusions are questionable at best.

    6. From their research and my own experience, expect the results of the product to plateau after an initially stronger effect. It just wonít work as well after a while, perhaps the trigeminal nerve becomes adapted to the stimulation? No explanation for this trend is given.

    7. The device itself needs reworking. A fully charged unit should be able to be removed from the charger and put in a purse to use throughout the day, but it is most effective when left constantly in the charger. Definitely a product defect.

    8. If you try to rely on the TrueTears on its own for ocular lubrication, you may or may not suffer the consequences. I found that I needed to supplement with artificial tears, especially at night. My case may be unique and you may have better results.

    9. There are other devices coming on the market to stimulate the trigeminal nerve which may be less expensive and less intrusive and weird (sticking this device up your nose just isnít the most pleasant or convenient way of adding moisture to your eye). I heard of one which is a nasal spray.

    10. In short, stay tuned. The TrueTears device has many flaws although it may work better for others than it has for me. But it only one of many new products that will be flooding the market soon that will use neural stimulation devices to produce tears.


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      Magritte1961 thank you for this update! My doctor uses it to relieve dry eyes (before going to a jog, and other times stressful for the eyes). I may try it in the future but it is quiet pricey. Are you planning to keep it?


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        TrueTear producer is applying approval in Europe, for info.


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          I just bought one, it is expensive as noted, and I was told very clearly, not covered by insurance. I did use my HSA funds for it, and asked my doctor for a letter / script for my records. I'll also try to get my insurance to cover it or at least count it towards my deductible.

          I agree the design is lacking. I should be able to charge with the tips attached, and the cover on.

          To charge it, you have to remove the tips, and the cover doesn't fit, it's just sitting loose. Plus removing the tips is difficult.

          I do get tear increased flow, though it may simply be "crying" tears (very watery) as opposed to oily, moisturizing tears. I have used it for only three days; but my eyes feel very dry this afternoon. Discouraging, but I'll keep using it in hopes it works as advertised.

          Wish me luck . . .


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            Hi thanks for sharing. I have not used it but according to opinion leader, prof Preeya K. Gupta, she mentioned
            it is important to put the tool at RIGHT spots. Perhaps you could consult dr.
            Another member mentioned this recently too.
            Good luck!


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              I have been using TrueTear for a couple of weeks now and it does seem to be helping. I use it first thing in the morning, about an hour later, and in the evening.

              I have found the tips do not need to be discarded after every use; in fact I can use them as long as a week. I suspect this is because I am only using the unit about 3 minutes total each day; the literature says it can be used up to 30 minutes a day. I store the unit in a plastic zip loc bag, to keep the tips from drying out.


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                Thanks for sharing.
                Could you be a bit more specific? My understaning is it helps particularly with pain relief?



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                  Sorry, I purchased it to enhance tear production. I m unaware of any "pain relief" benefits of TrueTear.


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                    Now that this thing is approved and in use, I think we're going to be seeking a lot of interesting research going on with this device in terms of potential usefulness in the neuropathic corneal pain world. It'll take quite awhile before anything gets published though.
                    Rebecca Petris
                    The Dry Eye Foundation


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                      Yes. My mom has severe dry eye and has suffered for 15 years. After a stem cell treatment and scelera lens this was next step and is working. No more drops...


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                        I am not based in the US but would certainly be willing to come to the US to get the TrueTear prescribed . Any clues on the best doctors/clinics to consult ?