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Dry eyes and teary eyelids

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  • Dry eyes and teary eyelids

    I’ve had dry eyes for quite some time. For about a year or so my eyelids get moist ruining any eye makeup. There is a slightly burning sensation very slight. I’m using an eyelid scrub special make up that supposed to not irritate my eyes, but still the minute I go outside first thing in the morning my eyelids get wet is there anyone who has the same experience? I would appreciate anything anyone can share. Thank you

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    Yes, that happened to me too! No matter what type of waterproof or special eye liner and eye shadow I applied in the morning, my eyes would tear once I left the house, and especially driving to work and when using the computer. I ended up getting permanent eyeliner, which worked well for me. But I subsequently read that could cause problems with one’s meibomian glands, so wouldn’t recommend it.

    I’m able to manage my dry eyes better now and can wear eye make up again, but I’ve gotten used to and prefer a clean, simple look. The main things I use now are eyebrow pencil and a little under eye concealer. When I do use eyeshadow, I use Urban Decay Anti~Aging Eye Shadow Primer. It’s the only one I’ve found that holds the eyeshadow in place for me, in combination with Smashbox powder eyeshadow. Other eyeshadows not so much, including cream shadows. I apply both with a little space away from my eye, more on the crease.