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  • Lipiflow

    hi everyone. My name is Carissa. I recently got diagnosed with severe dry eye and blepharitis. I was wondering if lipiflow has helped for any of you? I have tried everything under the Sun so far so I'm hoping this treatment will help me.

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    I tried lipiflow and it didn’t help me. Although, i am post lasik so our situation is different.

    If you have access to ipl that is better treatment.


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      Have you discovered the cause of the blepharitis? Without addresssing what’s causing the problem, your glands will most likely plug back up after lipiflow. Try assessing the situation. Do you wake up with your eyes hurting dry or refreshed? Do you sleep on your side/stomach or back? When did this happen? Was there a cause or did the MGD/bleph happen suddenly? What are your symptoms exactly? Have you ever worn contacts?


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        I had Lipiflow done 6 weeks ago, and just had my follow-up appt. I had a "homework" regimen following my procedure, and it will be a lifelong list.

        I am very pleased with procedure.
        Prior to Lipiflow, none of my glands were atrophied (dead), but some were truncated (shortened) or clogged. “Model patient” comment from Dr. Williams at 6-week Lipiflow follow-up (“Not the same patient” as pre Lipiflow)!

        What I found very helpful was the Lipiview done prior, which told me my blink rate and completion, my meibomian gland condition, etc.

        I recommend a Lipiflow, but not everyone has found it as helpful. This article gives an overview of the two:

        Being informed is so important, and things like going to a dry-eye doc, getting the Lipiview or similar exam, can help so much. Best wishes to you.


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          Has anyone with mostly atrophied MGs been helped withLipiflow? Trying new drug Regeneer Eye


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            It did not help me and it is very expensive.