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    Someone accidentally posted this as a response to another thread here in Triumphs so I am re-posting it here:

    I have severe dry eye for 25 years and I live an almost pain free life. Very few flareups maybe only 4 or 5 in 25 years. At night I do a 20 minute hot compress, then gently wash over my eyelids with baby shampoo. Then I load my eyes with ointment, close them and put a piece of plastic wrap over each eye. I then tie a small rolled up scarf like a bandana over my eyes, comfortably. Not too loose or too tight. This holds moisture in my eyes so I sleep all night. In the morning, my eyes may still be moist. If they're not or if the weather is cold or I'm going out or if I need it, I put a little more ointment in each eye. To make sure the ointment dissolves fully, I then close my eyes for 1 minute. If things look a little blurry, I blink my eyes a few times and bluriness is gone. During the day, I wear solar shields. At night I wear safety goggles that can be bought at a hardware store. My morning dose of lubricating eye ointment can keep my eyes moist anywhere from 4 to 7 hours. When my eyes feel dry, I add more ointment. At times it feels like theres something in my eyes but there really isn't. Thats just part of my condition. So then I put some artificial tears in the affected eye and the feeling goes away. So thats what I do to take care of my eyes. I hope it helps. Dr Jain told me that I can use lubricating eye ointment during the day, any time my eyes feel dry.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation