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Hemp oil on eyelids/around eyes (+ CoQ10)

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  • Hemp oil on eyelids/around eyes (+ CoQ10)

    Hi, please donít expect me to answer questions on this since I never visit the site, just wanted to pop in to tell you about something that gives med relief: hemp oil applied on the eye lids so some of it makes it into the eyes. Should be a small amount and applied with clean fingers obviously, also open bottle of hemp oil should be stored in the fridge.
    Sometimes I also mix some CoQ10 powder into it:
    The Coq10 is inspired by this article on Pubmed:
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    I put a little amount of the following oils into my eyes: Evening Primrose Oil (EPO), Milk thistle oil (its a bit inconvienient), organic castor oil.
    When you use castor oil make sure that you also use sometimes sodium/natrium-hialuronat(0,21%) eyedrop.
    And after lelagy's post I'll try hemp oil too.
    EPO and milk thistle oil costs 9-13$/50ml (cheaper oils cant be applied around or in the eyes).
    Pukka castor oil costs 9-10 pounds/250ml

    Everybody has to test first whether his/her eye can cope with the oil and there is no allergic reaction to it.


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      For completeness I will also add that i use 100% platelet rich plasma (PRP), though not very often. With the hemp oil I have felt fine on some warm and sunny days now, which I didn't last summer when the heat was quite intense and I hadn't started to use the hemp oil (at that time I was only on PRP which has been very helpful but not completely). So I'm quite hopeful the hemp oil will make this summer much better. Hope it will provide relief for others as well!


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        Would also add that for a person that doesn't have access to plasma drops, this might be an alternative:
        Pricking yourself in the finger (clean your hands first!) and applying blood in the eyes. You can use one of those prickers with changeable needles used when you measure blood sugar, can be bought cheaply in the pharmacy. One looks a bit funny, a bit like a vampire, and the sensation is a little bit strange but I think it can be helpful anyways.


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          Want to add that I experimented a bit more and I find avocado oil far better than hemp oil. Also, this ointment is quite good: