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    orange86 How are you getting on with the diet? I did the AIP diet for 4-5 months last year. I also did a Cyrex intolerance test beforehand which threw up so many reactive foods. And actually, the intolerance results were all compromised by my system's 'lack of oral tolerance', so they were not reliable, but I went off most of these foods anyway. Which is to say, my diet was very limited. And like you i am a slim guy. Well, I did lose a lot of weight. I'm not sure what you can do about this really. Maybe just consume more healthy fats. Either way i suspect you'll feel pretty good physically.

    I was having a lot of MGD issues with my right eye and was taking a lot of drops and antibiotics. Now I can't say for sure that the diet saved me (because even 10 months later i'm still not in the clear) but i'm certain it didn't hurt matters. It did take months but things gradually got better.

    At the moment I'm steering clear of carbs as i am fairly certain that i am reacting to these. I'm not totally carb free but i've cut down massively and this seems to be helping. I'm off sugar and (mostly) alcohol as well.


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      i was on a keto diet for a month but it caused gout in my toes and couple of fingers. I'm now on AIP eating turkey mince in the morning with cassava roti + 1x sweet potatoe with veg and olive oil, repeat this meal at 12noon and at 6pm i'll have turkey pork patties with sweet pot and veg with avocado oil.

      I'm going to ask the butcher for organ meat like minced lamb heart , liver, etc. dont think i could fry that stuff lol. shape it into a burger and bake in oven.

      I think i'm same as you with carbs, sugar causes toxic tears so other carbs must be doing this at a slower rate maybe? The only carbs im currently eating are sweet pots and cassava flour roti's + some green veggies.

      I've only been on strict aip for 3 days, so will see how i get on but my eyes are on fire. IPL isnt helping me at all, i think the inflammation is too high in my body

      Do you live in the UK ?
      What carbs do you eat and what is your diet consist of ?

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        I'm only eating the occasional handful of wheat or potato or rice. It's not a full keto diet but it's pretty close. Oh, and some cassava. I ate a lot of cassava, yam and sweet potato when doing the AIP. I'm substituting now with cauliflower and broccoli and other non-starchy veg. I'm still experimenting.

        I had a nutritionist guide me through the AIP diet and offal meats were definitely recommended so the liver etc sounds like a good plan.


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          david2404 i also thought carbs were causing my mgd inflammation hence i was on keto in december. Do you think u react to AIP compliant sweet pots, cassava ?