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Wrong diagnosis.

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  • Wrong diagnosis.

    5 months ago I started to feel strong pain in the eyes. It increased at night. Great sensitivity to wind.
    It was hard physically and emotionally.
    for a few months 3 doctors said it was mild dry eyes, and gave lubricants.
    after about 3 months, another doctors said I also have allergy and gave me steroids,
    Then the last doctor said I don't have dry eyes at all.
    So i am not sure if I had apart from allergy mild dry eyes, which passed, or I was just misled by the doctors from
    the start.

    Now I feel much better. nearly completely recovered.

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    You could have a fallback again.
    A start would be to see if warm compresses help. If they do, that could mean you have blocked meibomian glands. If lid hygiene helps that would probably mean you have anterior blefaritis (bacteria feeding of the flakes, meibum and dirt at the eyelashes).

    About diagnosis: I'm starting to think that the only good way to know if you have blocked glands is with manual expression (to see if the oil is old = plugged gland). Meibography might not reveal this (the plugging), but might just reveal if your glands have not been athrophied.


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      It's probably not what you want to hear, but there's no way of knowing without going back in time. It's very possible all assessments were/are right and that there isn't any inconsistency.

      Allergies and irritation can indirectly result in dry eye - a lot of antihistamines can cause dry eye, and allergy symptoms such as runny eyes, can obviously reduce moisture around the eyes. Similarly irritated eyes can increase the perception of dry eyes because they can make the eye more sensitive to any dryness or wind. Also, potentially, allergies can cause papillae under the lids, which when someone blinks (because their eyes are dry) can further irritate the eye. For people who have dry eye and allergies, it can be very frustrating, as it can be like a vicious cycle.

      But it sounds like really good news that you are at a point where it can be managed and you're doing the right thing to try and understand its origins.