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MGD cured(hopefully) by using oral antibiotics(azy+dioxy) 29M

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  • MGD cured(hopefully) by using oral antibiotics(azy+dioxy) 29M

    I had evaporative dry eye disease for more than a year. Normal shirmer test results, all blood tests negative.
    What I tried:
    Omega 3, anti-inflamatory diet, green tea+lemon, milacrous diets, nothing that you usually read here works at all.

    Also tried IPL, ILUX and hypochlorous acid nothing worked. Warm compresses made my eyes worse. Eye drops gave some temporary relief.
    Then I went to a good eye doctor, he said that he sees hundreds of similar cases to mine and then prescribed me azitromicyn ( 7 days, 1g day one then 500mg for 6 days) + 100mg of dioxycline for 2 months. Results: The second day of azitromicyn my eyes where 95% back to normal. ( I on day 3 now)
    I dont know how the hell that works but it works, if it gets worse again all I need to do is come back to this doctor after a few months.

    Please try this if your case is similar to mine, it really works! Maybe my eyes will get worse again after a few months, but i dont care, If i have to take antibiotics for the rest of my life im ok with it! I'll tank the side effects ( stomach burns a little)

    Also, moisture chamber glasses are a must! specially outside.
    Google ONEYWELL UVEX LIVEWIRE this is the one I use outside!
    try longterm antibiotics ( single dose WILL NOT WORK)
    Using a mosture chamber glasses when on PC is also a must, trust me!

    Please stay strong and get better dry eye is the worst felling I ever had in my entire life.

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    Did you try Auto Immune Protocol diet (AIP)?

    Isthe azitromicyn tablets or eye drops? Also do you have bleph ,ocular rosacea ?


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      Originally posted by orange86 View Post
      Did you try Auto Immune Protocol diet (AIP)?
      Yes, for about a month, did not work at all.

      Isthe azitromicyn tablets or eye drops? Also do you have bleph ,ocular rosacea ?
      Tablets, eye drops not available in my country ( I think, gonna ask my doc)
      Everyone has bleph to some extent, mine is mild to nonexistent for now, but like 1 year ago it was severe with green-yellowish like secretions, fixed that with eyelid swipes and antibiotic eyedrops.
      I do have rosacea around my nose, not on my eyes though... I have oily skin + a little bit of recurring acne and dandruff.

      I anwsered you already on facebook but I'm posting here as well for more people to see! I hope everyone gets better this condition really sucks


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        First of all congratz!

        Two questions:
        1. Could you please give a Update in a month or so?

        2. By any chance do you wear contact lenses. If yes did you get back on wearing them??


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          I'm always wary of short term results, seeing as you are on day 3 of your new treatment. Compare it to a one week diet, that won't really prove/demontrate anything.
          Being no expert in antibiotics I still understood that antibiotics (azythromicin included) need time before they work?

          Interested in an update in a month or 3.
          nyway: I also tried minocycline and azythromicin, and minocycline results are normally after more than a month I think. For me both made no difference (but it all depends on the cause of dry eye of course). Warm compresses do make a difference for me, though I had to 'tweak' a lot (which compresses/masks I used; now I use the thermalon/bruder mask) and how long to heat/wear (30 seconds first heating, 17seconds second heating, interval of 5minutes (reheat twice) for me).