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Patients and Pros: Any exp. with M.E.G.s and cauterized tear ducts?

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  • Patients and Pros: Any exp. with M.E.G.s and cauterized tear ducts?

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for reading this quick post.

    My first Cornea specialist put me on Restasis and wanted me to consider punctal plugs, but when the Restasis didn't work I was referred to Cornea specialist #2 (he seems like such a smart, up-to-date, caring guy.)

    So, Cornea man #2 would like to see me fit with M.E.G.s and is considering cauterizing, at first, 2 of my tear ducts (esp. as I can't afford Boston Lenses, the auto-immune diseases would fight the "foreign" objects and I'm clumsy with R.A.) Prior to that (next appt. is Nov. 20th,) he has me putting in a preservative-free drop into both eyes hourly, then I wear a patch--like a big band-aid--over one eye over-night (he also explained to me why I should discontinue using Genteal--not having tears--I barely test 1mm on the paper--my non-existing tears can't neutralize the preservatives in Genteal. I thought that was pretty neat.) I believe this is kind of a trial run to see how the M.E.G.s, etc. might work for me (he even assures me I could have them darkly tinted--yeah!!! Severe Sjorgren's plus severely photo-sensitive Lupus might finally be reigned in! least as far as my eyes are concerned. So, no more wearing 2 pairs of "eyes dilated" sunglasses to go outside, or even sit inside And maybe, *finally,* getting new glasses after 7 years--it's believed that the dry, dry eyes are causing or contributing to that awful "fun-house mirror" effect that's kept me from new glasses hence far.)

    I don't know a whole lot about these experiences and I'm just hoping that anyone who might have experience with these things might drop me a line.

    Very thankful for your knowledge and your time,


    P.S. My biggest concern--heaven forbid, but should something terrible happen in life or someone I love pass, would I be unable to cry? What would happen, eye-wise, then?

    Thanks again