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  • UCSF Dry Eye Forum- mention of TheraLife Eye

    Hi All:

    Some of you are asking about doctor's recommendations for TheraLife Eye. Here is a short summary of a CME course from University of San Francisco Continuing Education Series held in April 2010. Thought you might find it interesting:

    UCSF- CME course April 2010- Summary on Dry Eyes:

    At the recent SSF conference in San Francisco, the eye Dr. who spoke listed 4 different categories of solutions for dry eyes:

    1. Topical - lubricants (tears, gels, ointments); anti-inflammatories (Restasis) ; WARM COMPRESSES (they melt meibomian debris: heat baby socks filled with rice in the microwave; put a newly-baked potato in a moist towel)
    2. Surgical - punctual occlusion; cautery
    3. Systemic - oral supplements (fish oil - keep in freezer to avoid burping problem; eat more salmon & tuna; avoid omega-6s as they may increase dryness; supplements such as Theratears Nutrition and Theralife)
    4. Environmental - goggles, "Orbital Seal" eyewear (brand: Panoptx)
    Dr. Lily C. Yang
    TheraLife Inc
    101 N. First Street, Suite 287
    Los Altos, CA 94022
    1-877-917-1989 toll free US
    (650) 949-6080 International