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    I have recently had a second opinion from a dry eye centre here in Melbourne. It was first explained that my inflamed Meibomian Glands which I was treated for IPL. However my symptoms continued to worsen today I have been told I have had a very low Schirmer's test less than 5 if I recall (not 100% sure on that), this test was with anaesthetic drops.

    I have been tested for auto-immune conditions negative to all including Sjogrens.
    I had Lasik over 3 years ago problems only really became apparent in the last 3 months.
    The optometrist at the clinic today was very good she arranged for a corneal specialist to check some irregularities on my cornea and arranged for a follow up with the Lasik surgeon which is next week.
    I contacted the dry eye clinic I was previously at who said schirmer's can be very unreliable.

    Is there anyone with experience in a slow progression of dry eye after Lasik if thats what it is? Ill continue to post swell but anyone to talk to with experience 1 on 1.

    Sorry if this is ranty I'm just so worried right now not sure if I'm venting here or reaching out...

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    I really need to stop reading these forums for a little while the situation I'm in is making me feel sick with worry... Might check if anyone has replied tommorow


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      Sent you a private message.


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          After LASEK my eyes were fine for approx 6 months then boom, excruciating pain every day. Not sure why there was a delay but they seem to be getting progressively worse and it's depressing me. There doesn't seem to be much that helps. Have you found anything?