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Is Your Beard Causing Blepharitis?

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  • Is Your Beard Causing Blepharitis?

    Last month I had a great visit (2 hours) with Dr. Jensen in Renton, WA. What a class act. He spent two hours with me and gave me lots of great information on my DED. I'm planning to use some the items to create blogs, but first had to share this new one on a curious subject. Dr. Jensen said he has seen a correlation between men with beards and blepharitis (seborrheic). Apparently, having a beard can cause an over production of oil everywhere, not just in the beard area. He didn't tell me to shave it, but he didn't tell me not to either! He also recommended using Selsun blue all over my head for a week after. I had some fun with this and made a video with my usual harmonica and shaving my beard off. Enjoy

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    tanx for share it
    when i dont shave my beard my eye very dry.
    when short hair off my head , my dry eyes decerease