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Dr. Neel Desai in Tampa area

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  • Dr. Neel Desai in Tampa area

    One of the best dry eye specialists in the country, and definitely the best in the Tampa area. While others flock to ****** in Tampa, Dr. Desai has a very unbiased approach to treatments (ie: does not do a pre-made set of treatments for 99% of his patients). His treatments are very much catered to each of his individual patients. He is willing to resort to surgery (ie: CCh with AMT), but wants to exhaust all non-surgical options first. He is quite young for a surgeon, but very accomplished. He really listens to his patient's concerns. Great bedside manner. I highly recommend him for anything regarding cornea and dry eye.

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    Hi linguininess
    It was very thoughful of you to share. Thanks. Trust your CCH with ATM operation went well. Congratulations!
    I have watched some of Dr Desai's educational viedos at YouTube - very informative/useful.
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      Dr Desail did not perform my surgery. My surgeon in LA performed it. I am still healing unfortunately.


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        Who was your surgeon in Los Angeles? Please email me at: