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    I am desperately seeking some help for dry eyes. I have previously been the the dry eye centre. they heat your eyes and squeeze the glands. But they have a very long waiting time at the moment. While searching for other dry eye speicalists in London, I came across this treatment.

    has anyone tried it? or has anyone been to this clinic and had positive outcomes?

    thank you

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    Hi. I live in the U.S., but tried one treatment of MiBoFlo last year, because my optometrist offered a trial treatment free. I didn't expect anything, but the rest of the day after that treatment and the next day, my eyes did seem more moist. However, I had some lower lid skin irritation after the procedure that lasted for a couple weeks, so didn't purchase the multiple treatments they told me were needed to have a cumulative and longer lasting effect. I may try it again at some point.

    That said, to me, MiBoFlo is like a high tech version of warm compress plus massage. It was definitely more effective than compress/massage for me, but cost ~$400-$500 for the treatment package. If you can get the first treatment free to see if it helps, that would be ideal.

    If your meibomian glands are blocked with very thick oil and/or have scar tissue, MiBoFlo may not help. You may need the heating and gland expression, IPL, or if you have scar tissue, probing.

    Hope you get some relief soon.


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      I would highly recommend Dr Hamada at The Eye Clinic London. They offer Miboflow, ask to see Dr Hamada or Minita. Here is the link


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        I'm pretty sure David O'Brart in London has this tech.

        I also recommend Hamada though it took me 2 months to see him and another 2 months for them to schedule me ipl (though was over Christmas then).