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Looking for doctor to do IPL or gland probing for MGD in Phoenix

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  • Looking for doctor to do IPL or gland probing for MGD in Phoenix

    Does anyone know of any eye doctors that will do IPL or gland probing for MGD in the Phoenix area? My doctor doesn't do these procedures and I'm willing to try anything at this point.

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    Hi there. I came across this eye center on-line in Phoenix that does IPL:

    Also, there's a doctor listed in Scottsdale on an IPL doctor list Pythonidler so graciously put together:

    Would recommend first trying IPL and gland expression (which is often done as part of the IPL procedure or can be stand alone). Probing would be necessary if you have scar tissue or extremely stubborn blockage other less invasive methods cannot resolve.
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      There is apparently a dry eye clinic at Mayo Clinic's campus in Phoenix/Scottsdale as well.

      Joanne F. Shen, M.D., Ophthalmology chair and director of the dry eye clinic at Mayo Clinic's campus in Phoenix/Scottsdale,

      Also you might try Barnet/Dulaney/Perkins in Phoenix at least one of their clinics has IPL capabilities,


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        Hi Hokucat


        Found this interesting article from the famous Dr/Prof Richard Yee website

        ''This new method of relieving the obstruction of oil flow from the meibomian gland is an exciting advancement in the treatment of chronic dry eye conditions, such as blepharitis. In this procedure the eyelid is first numbed and then tiny, stainless steel probes are used to break up adhesions and fibrotic bands within the duct.
        There are 20-30 ducts in each eyelid and patients are often suffering from tender and sore lids, so treatment may need to be performed in stages.

        Benefits include:
        increased lubrication,
        decreased light sensitivity, and
        relief from lid tenderness.''

        are these benefits applied to you as well?



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          MGD, every time I had probing done, for a short time I felt my eyes were a little more lubricated, but it didn't last because my glands would quickly get clogged and blocked again. It was not until I started drinking the fresh lemon juice in green tea after my last probe procedure that my glands did not get blocked again and my eyes have felt better. So a two-step process was needed in my case...unblock the glands, then find diet changes to make my oils flow better and not get blocked again.

          My light sensitive has decreased over time, which should be expected now that I have some tear film, but I also attribute the tear film to the lemon/tea. And sclerals may also be helping with this. I have a retina issue that also causes light sensitivity, so it's complex to say just how much the probing helped in this area, but for me it was a first necessary step.

          I did not have lid tenderness from MGD. If anything, I caused lid tenderness from warm compresses, massage, multiple rx and otc drops, and everything else I was trying to do to help my condition!