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    I know this isn't the ideal forum for this but I am looking for an eye doctor who will actually listen to my symptoms in Santa Rosa. I am convinced most of my recent symptoms are caused by a sub clinical fungal infection. Sounds nuts but I tried everything else before buying anti fungal eye drops from India which got rid of 70 percent of my symptoms. Unfortunately, symptoms are getting worse again after stopping and I don't want to continue the drops which are loaded with bak or use internal anti fungal medication without a doctor because liver function needs to be monitored closely.

    Every doctor I go to does a thorough exam and then hands me lubricant eye drops like I haven't tried those before. Lubricant eye drops!!!! You're a genius doctor how come I never thought of that before?

    Unfortunately there is no way to talk to these doctors over the phone and assess their willingness to listen so it gets very expensive and time consuming. It would be like having to try every mechanic in town because they wouldn't tell you over the phone whether they are willing to fix a Nissan with a bad alternator. You just have to show up and hope and pay for the exam after.

    Sorry for the rant and thanks for reading,