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  • Looking for doctor in Central PA

    I'm looking for a dry eye specialist amd ideally a good scleral lens fitter in the Harrisburg, PA area. My current doctor is not working out well. Thank you!

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    Anyone good that you found? I'm around this area and my wife has been struggling to get a decent evaluation for her eye issues. Becomes really frustrating when you visit so many doctors and get the same answer for a condition that cannot be easily diagnosed. I was running back-and-forth with her to several doctors in the area and apparently it's a rare condition that they have to reevaluate over and over again. I think with technological advancements in our days doctors should evolve too and start using ridis software for a change.
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      Dr. Michelle Hessen at the Wilmer Eye Institute of Johns Hopkins fits PROSE devices. She is amazing, highly recommended. Each year I drive from Charlottesville, VA for my annual checkup (over 3.5 hours), but there is nobody closer that can fit PROSE devices.

      My backstory: I have severe dry eye due to chronic graft versus host disease which developed after my stem cell transplant in 2003.