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24 years old boy bloodshed eye + Gilbert's syndrome

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  • farmgirl
    What you really need to know Yello is that those vasoconstrictors, long term, can do permanent damage to your eyes. Stay away from them. If you are never going to have a white sclera due to Gilbert's Syndrome then I would just come to terms with the fact that that my dream is never going to happen and focus on healthy eye, not pretty eye. I know that may sound crass but it is the reality. Eyes have been ruined over the perceived need to have them pretty and white.

    Here is a brief explanation of what happens with overuse of vasoconstrictors

    You are young and will be needing them for a long time (I hope) so guard them with your life. As disabilities go, discolored eyes is a small one. If you are going to a special occasion once or twice a year then whiten them but otherwise my advice is to look people in the eye and be happy that you can see them. If they think less of you because you do not have white eyes just remember, those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind....cheers....F/G

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  • Yello
    started a topic 24 years old boy bloodshed eye + Gilbert's syndrome

    24 years old boy bloodshed eye + Gilbert's syndrome

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a 24 years boy from Italy.

    The (sad) history of my eyes starts when I was about 16-17 years old.
    I'm myopic since I was about 4-5 years old, now I have 4.50 - 5.00 diopters.

    I've been woring special contact lenses prescribed by my opthamlogist that must be applied in the night from when I was about 14 years old. The effect of those lenses is that during the day you could see well without wearing glasses and also stops the progress of myopia.
    After about 4-5 years (until 18 years old) I decided to stop the treatment because I was quite uncomfortable with those lenses.

    From when I was about 16-17, my eyes started to be more yellow than normal, and a large vein appeared in my left eye. This vein has never vanished from that moment. The yellow color was due to my Gilbert's Syndrome, I'll speak about later.

    I used a powerful vasoconstrictor for about 1 year, starting when I was 17. The effect of these drops is to make the eye incredible white (even the largest vein in the left eye became quite imperceptible), but it was not a good long-time strategy to win the battle, because of the rebound effects that after some weeks made my eyes worst, especially when I woke up.

    I decided to stop to use this drug and started to be treated with conservative-free drops, that after some times make my eyes better.
    In some period from 19-23 years old I've been quite good, even if my eyes have been always delicate (for example, if you do late in the night, they were red), but in general my eyes are anything but white.

    That's also due to my Gilbert's Syndrome (search on Internet for further details) that colors my eye of yellow, especially in the internal part of the sclera (the part nearer to the nose). This condition is not curable, I can only try to be as healthy as possible with food, sleep, etc.

    As mentioned above, I've been quite stable for 4 years.

    Now I have started working intensively at the PC from about 1 month (9th January, it's my first work).
    In general, I have used PC quite a lot in my life (for example for my thesis), but in this month the condition of my left has degraded fast and new veins formed right next to the iris, making me very scared about.

    One of my greatest dream is to have a white and healthy sclera, and to have eye-contact with people again.

    Hope you can help me!