I went looking for our policy and couldn't find it. Oops! Seems to have gone missing. So I took a stab at a quick re-write.

1) Please be kind and courteous.

2) Please bear in mind that the purpose of the forum is for mutual support, not for proving who is right or what treatment is best.

3) Information can be freely shared, but suspected promotion of any kind will be removed.

4) Please be mindful of your privacy. This forum is visible to the public. We recommend using an anonymous username and not providing any personally identifying information.

5) Please no doctor bashing. (If you need to vent that’s fine, so long as you don’t provide identifying information.)

6) Account terminations: If you choose to have your account deleted, your past posts will be marked “Guest”. We do not support wholesale deletion of posts, unless the circumstances are exceptional, because it causes confusion in past/archived discussions and thus is a disservice to member and readers.