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  • Serum drops?

    I started getting dry eyes a year and a half ago. Despite all therapies tried, it keeps getting worse. Now its so severe that I can barely keep my eyes open and my quality of life has gone down a lot. I cannot drive, exercise or really even have a conversation with someone, as my eyes want to keep closing. No gritty feeling, it feels more like severe eye strain, irritation and no moisture. I started out trying different eye drops, I take fish oil daily, have tried doxycyline, do the compresses, drink lots of water, and I have been on Restasis for 3 months but it hasnt helped. the only relief I have is at night sleeping and for an hour after I get up in the morning. Drops basically at this point do not even give me a couple of minutes of comfort. Sometimes better without them. I am, not sure if I just don't tolerate Restasis and thats why I keep getting worse or have contaminated my eyes maybe? The next step to try is serum drops. Not sure if I can get them with Coronovirus right now though. Was wondering if anyone else has had success with them.

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    I am a newbie and am happy to share my experience. I've had dry eye diagnosis for 20 yrs. Used to wear contacts but cannot any longer, which greatly helped my muscle imbalance/strain. I will not try serum drops bc everything else has not helped at all. I used to use Restasis and now use Xiidra, no result but dr says to continue, thankfully I get it cheap. Supposedly inflammation causes dry eye (in theory) but each time I go they see no inflammation so what is causing my dry eye? I will admit to post menopausal dryness (everywhere). I've tried that inflammation stuff (doxycillin?) mentioned somewhere in forum but you're not supposed to use more than two weeks plus they don't see inflammation anymore. I've tried punctal plugs (twice) and LipiFlow with no result whatsoever. Preservative free eye drops, no relief at all. No relief from anything. So I am not willing to try serum drops. I think dry eyes can be a money pit. Some doctors say to wear goggles to keep the moisture in but I think that's mostly Sjogren's/really severe situations. Humidifier does nothing. On dry days like today I simmer water to humidify the house, not sure if does anything. I use warm compress/mask and cleanse the lids. And to complicate the issue, I also have mild cataracts which increase light sensitivity, and an eye muscle imbalance (one eye farsighted, one near, causing constant eye fatigue) which adds to the discomfort. They can do cataract surgery and replace the lenses to correct the far- and nearsightedness, which could help the strain and correct the light sensitivity but then there's the added risk of increased dryness. I just think a lot of people out there are suffering in isolation.

    I don't know how I even managed to post this as I could not see a way to post. If someone can advise, please.