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  • Start of Scleral Lenses Life

    I was diagnosed with Keratoconus in both eyes almost 6 years ago an ever since then vision has been a frustrating struggle daily pretty much. One eye was actually more severe than the other. After being told 5+ years of my only option(for both eyes) was a Cornea Transplant. I’m a basketball player and those were the LAST 2 words I was trying to hear related to my Keratoconus. More and more research led to me finding out about Cross-linking. Went to see different eye doctors who knew about Cross-linking to test and see if I could be eligible for the procedure. Come to find out my right eye was eligible for the cross-linking procedure which could potentially stop the Keratoconus from progressing. I had the procedure done and it actually made my vision in my right eye more clear than when it was before. After having the procedure one of the doctors who performed the Cross-linking told me there was a chance only my right eye could fit into a Scleral Lense. I did more research about Scleral Lenses and found a doctor in my city who specializes in Scleral Lenses. She is an Amazing doctor who wants the best for all her patients and will do what she can for you. LONG STORY SHORT: Over the last 7 months I’ve had many appointments with her. She actually has me fit into soft contacts lenses in BOTH eyes (Wayyy better vision& I didn’t think that was possible) which I wore for 6 months while I could save $$$ for Scleral Lenses cuz they are not cheap. 2 months ago my doctor told me HUMANA Insurance came out with a plan that covers Scleral Lenses if they are needed. I Jumped on that got the Insurance and waited a month for the Scleral Lenses to arrive. 7/29 was my first day putting them in and I can’t believe how great they are so far for wearing them for 2 days. I haven’t experience any problems just yet just great vision. Let’s get it to a new life of vision‼️