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  • Recently diagnosed dry eye

    Hello, I’m new to this forum. I am 21 years old male. Roughly a year and a half ago I began experiencing what I would primarily say was eye fatigue, soreness, and stinginess. It felt as though when I woke up in the morning, my eyes never refreshed like they used to and I was in a haze the whole day. Frequent slight headaches and pressure in the head and behind the eyes as well as pretty severe light sensitivity as well. Perhaps the most annoying symptom— inability to focus, and eyes getting caught in “a stare” almost like my eyes are just not able to ever be comfortable and relaxed. I got my eyes tested and I believe they were like a 1, which I think is pretty dang low on the scale.

    What I’m trying to get out of this forum is some insight. Do any of you experience symptoms beyond just the eyes, like headaches, slight dizziness, heavy-headedness and severe drowsiness when drinking alcohol? Like when I move my head in a shaking or nodding movement I feel like my equilibrium is thrown off, like I’m never fully alert. But it feels like it all stems back to my eyes. Thoughts?