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Dry eye syndrome from scalp massaging

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  • Dry eye syndrome from scalp massaging

    Hi guys, I’ve been diagnosed with dry eyes and this from doing scalp massages at night time. I’m a 30 year old male that has been going bald for 5-6 years. I experimented with some topical hair loss products with the side effect of sore eyes many years ago. I automatically stoped and tried other things.

    I can’t even wash my hair anymore with organic shampoo and was doing laser light treatment and that caused the same problem. I gave up on all of that and tried scalp massaging and to my surprise it started to make my scalp feel healthy and happy again! Then at the start of this year the sore eyes began again.

    This has become a serious issue with symptoms stopping after 10-12 days but touching my scalp for 3 min will bring it on straight away again.

    I understand this is a dry eye forum, I would just love to hear if anyone has experienced the same thing and have any ideas why this would happen? I’m the only case I’ve found on this anywhere and it’s really bringing me down.

    thank you guys!

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    I can't promise anyone here (me included) will be able to help, but at a minimum, we'd need more information about:

    - Your dry eye symptoms: is it soreness only? How intense/painful/distracting is it? Do your eyes look normal? What about the skin around your eyes? Do you notice any other things that are triggered by the scalp massages?

    - What doctors have you seen about this, what tests have the run, what have they said? etc.