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  • So it is all about life style

    So after noticing that gritty feeling in my eyes I realized instinctively that I had to quit my desk-bound job as soon as possible; but having been diagnosed with CKD a decade ago there were not many choices I could rely on. I knew already that doctors cannot help me out so yet still the corneal erosion continued... Then suddenly the COVID-19 pandemic struck and made things even worse. I had to do something... and I eventually put myself through an intensive and busy way of living which had nothing to do with computers or mobile phones. I've been feeling much better since then. However, the damage is already done. Corneal erosion is an irreversible process. I feel like this has been my destiny since my eyes have been very sensitive to light since the day I was born. Combine it with this, so called, age of Digitalism and here are the results.

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    What are you doing now/making a living that doesn’t involve computers or mobile phones? Would love to make a change.