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  • Give me some sunshine…!

    Hi, I am 48 and my both eyes operated with surgery called RK (very old technology used for improving farsightedness and get rid of spectacles) almost 30 years back. At that time laser surgery was not available. It was my biggest mistake of life and since then I am struggling with my vision and dryness. Couple of years back, my both eyes operated for cataract also.

    Currently I have severe dryness and doctors are saying that I have to bear this as this is result of that RK surgery. I am using different eye drops and recently started Omega 3 supplement with around 900 mg of epa and dha.

    Can you please suggest me, anything more I can do to improve my dryness?

    Regret for long message

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    Your story is not long you should see the forums. Go to the forums.. GREAT INFO !!!, I'm new here too but have read several forum post stories with greater insight of dry eyes that have helped me.


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      Try using the supplement Megahydrate. It has greatly helped my dry eye syndrome and is helping me not have anymore Recurrent Corneal Erosions. I take one capsule at 5:00 AM with 8 oz. of water and another capsule around 5:00 PM, also with 8 oz. of water. Always take with 8 oz. of water. It does a great job of hydrating all of your cells. I have learned that dehydration is one cause of Dry Eye Syndrome so anything that aids in hydration should be helpful. Good luck!