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Intro + my cure using Turmeric Pills

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  • Intro + my cure using Turmeric Pills

    I'll keep it brief. Had lasik in 2015, got dry eye shortly after but my computer use (gaming) was partly to blame.

    Chugged along anyway. Later in 2019 NOV i had a nasal procedure done and later on allergy drops. They messed up my system while on it for 6 months. took 6 months off to recover. During the recovery my dry eyes went bad times 100.

    Did everything and threw all the money at it. IPL, this pill, that pill, Lipiflow, etc etc - nothing really working. Doc recommended Turmeric pills but i initially wrote it off as not promising enough.

    Sometime recently after sufferering bad for over a year. i decided to try the pills and all my issues went away. my case was more of a systemic inflammation issue. i had pains in both wrists. basically, anything i used would swell up. talk too much? throat swells. Keyboard work? hands hurt. Looks at screens? dry eyes. Exercise? long recovery.

    so i wanted to put something out there so that i can feel like i contributed a non 0% effort to your fight, whoever you may be. Because i went through hell for a long time and i woudlnt wish it on anyone and i hope you find your cure soon if this isnt it.

    link of the product:
    [REMOVED LINK but you can search Amazon on:Turmeric Curcumin Highest Potency 95% Curcuminoids 1950mg with BioPerine Black Pepper for Ultra High Absorption, Made in USA, Best Vegan Joint Support by Natures Nutrition - 60 Capsules]

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    Wow! That's an astonishing story. I had to remove the link (policy) but I put the info in so people can search.

    I really love hearing all stories about people getting better. The medical world tends to reduce us all to an average, but the truth is we're unique and our causes, risk factors, and ongoing contributors - as well as the remedies that will help us most - vary so much!
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      My dry eye doc recommended tumeric pills as well. I've been taking 3000mg everyday for 6 months, not much significant improvement.