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Tinntus and Dry Eyes

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  • Tinntus and Dry Eyes

    Tinntus and Dry Eyes

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    43Y male
    Hello All, I have recently from the last 3 months -suffering from the dry eye condition. The basic reason is Tinnitus, which has effected my nights sleep.
    My Tinnutus changes pitch and Volume, and when at high Pitch , i suffer the most from the dry eye Syptoms. WHile i have no control over Tinnitus, Eyes are really making my Suffering Worse

    Eye Problem :- Corner pain/ red lines close to ear side in the EYE . Eye Doctor / Neuro has no clue,and just telling that is DRY EYES.
    Holsitic Approach already in Place :- Omega3, Green Leafy, Vita/VitD, COld Packs , Eye drops - Tears Natural - Still Available to India form Alkon

    Here are my questions :
    What i have understood form the doctors, who fail to give micro details , that my tears are getting lesser produced. But no problems with Glands

    1. in this case what will be more better - Hot compress or cold compress
    2. Any Natural / Hoemopathic Eye drops, instead of Tear Natural
    3. Videos for the eye massage and Eye Care :- Pl share the links
    4. Autologus serum at such early stage . In India no option avai, but i work in Germany , where i can ask for the same
    5. Doctor has given cyclosporine , which i find really Risky, Any Substitute for the same, ?
    6. Any Eye Drops , whihc can be ottotoxic / a complete No go for me . Doctors in India are many times, not telling the risks :- (

    I see a lot of Know -how here and would like to thank everybody for thier exp sharing.